Pre-S[h]ave Oil

Hi Amy,

Further to our chat the other day I wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with your Beard & Shave Oil.

I have been shaving for over 50 years and have always used an electric shaver. One of the downsides of electric shaving is the dragging of the shaver over skin which is not perfectly dry. I started using a well known brand’s pre-electric roll-on which is alcohol based and dries the skin ready for shaving. Some year ago this became unavailable in South Africa and I changed to another brand of pre-electric which served the same purpose. Then about 3 years ago it was also was taken off the market. I conducted an internet search looking for a local pre-shave and found your MichaelGamePlan website and your original MGP Pre Shave Oil. I was a bit dubious as, being oil based, I thought it might clog an electric shaver. I found it worked very well provided it was used sparingly as recommended in your brochure. I have recently upgraded to the latest pivoting head Philips shaver which is also washable. I am now enjoying the best and closest shaves I have ever experienced. Being retired and old school I do not feel comfortable with the latest ‘designer stubble’ look and shave every day, even over weekends.

I strongly recommend your Beard & Shave Oil to anyone who is looking for a comfortable close shave with their electric shaver.

Thank you for a wonderful product.


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