Good Afternoon Darryl

My name is Gustav Hoffmann, owner of Dynamic Towing Solutions cc, we met 2 months ago when I was despatched to tow in when the Audi you were driving, broke down on the M3 near Constantia.

We talked and you gave me a sample of the Michaelgameplan product range (After shave & Face moisturiser spf15)

Until that point in time I wasn’t really into men’s skincare products, as previous shelf products I tried before had always left my face feeling inflamed and irritated.

Thanks to you and that sample of Michaelgameplan I have a very different view of men’s skincare and have spoken to many of my customers, friends and family about using the product and my experiance thus far.

Therefore, I would like to order more of the product range from you please.
Please find my order attached.
Once again I thank you for your help and look forward to future dealings with you.

Kind Regards


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